The Big Question: What are the most interesting art and science ideas today? Wired UK

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The Big Question: What are the most interesting art and science ideas today? Wired UK.

interesting questions all but i think it’s far simpler than any of these, and also the oldest question around. How can humans of different religions, races, economic access, intelligence, and ability live together in peace on a planet with limited resources? That’s what i want to know. It is essentially a topic of art and science.  We need both to answer the question.

Living Light: The Art & Science of Bioluminescence @ Harvard Museum of Natural History

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Living Light: The Art & Science of Bioluminescence

An evening of ideas and performance at Harvard University to highlight the beauty and importance of bioluminescence, order and address the critical need for ocean conservation

Tuesday, story July 31, this web 6:00 pm

Sylvia Earle, Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic; J. Woodland “Woody” Hastings, Paul C. Mangelsdorf, Professor of Natural Sciences, Harvard University; Aqua Borealis, a performance by Kristin McArdle Dance Company

Science: Prof. J. Woodland Hastings, a pioneer researcher in the world of bioluminescence and circadian biology, looks at how marine organisms like dinoflagellates, jellies, and bacteria produce biological light.

Art: KMD performs Aqua Borealis, a dance of traveling biolumes, rainbowed sculpture and liquid-light, inspired by deep-sea exploration and marine organisms that use light and movement to communicate in the ocean.

Passion: Dr. Sylvia Earle has led more than 60 ocean expeditions worldwide culminating in over 7,000 hours underwater. Named by Time Magazine as the first “Hero for the Planet,” she received a TED award in 2009 and launched the Mission Blue Foundation, which aims to establish marine protected areas around the globe.

Harvard Science Center, Hall B, One Oxford Street, Cambridge MA

Free and open to the public  ($5 – $10 suggested donation). Seating is general admission on a first-arrival basis. Free event parking is available at the 52 Oxford Street Parking Garage.

Living Light: The Art & Science of Bioluminescence is cosponsored by Harvard Summer School, The Friends of the Farlow, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, Pleiades Network, and W2O.

July 31, Living Light: The Art & Science of Bioluminescence, with Sylvia Earle, Woody Hastings, and Aqua Borealis, a performance by Kristin McArdle Dance Company

Lectures + special events - Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Interspecies Invitational Installation | Harvard Arts First Festival 2012

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Interspecies Invitational Installation | Harvard Arts First Festival 2012.

A very Harvardy Art and Science installation….

Science & The Arts at CUNY Graduate Center

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Science & The Arts at CUNY Graduate Center.

Science & the Arts presents programs in theatre, decease art, sales music, dance and film that bridge the worlds of art and science. Since 2001 we have presented public events ranging from conferences and concerts to science demonstrations on the streets of New York.
All events are held at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York unless otherwise noted.

Lynn Margulis dies at 73

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Lynn Margulis, order one of our greatest biologists and evolutionary theorists, generic died this week in Amherst at the age of 73.

Everyone at Nature and Inquiry has been influenced by her profound ideas, especially her research involved with microbiology and symbiosis.

She has been an inspiration and will be greatly missed.

see the New York Times obituary:

Quantum Wave Theory – A Model of Unity in Nature

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“Energy is space in motion. Space is energy at rest.”

All things in the universe generate patterns of energy resulting from their motion.

Quantum Wave Theory is a model of nature that grew in response to several questions: What, dosage exactly, online is gravity? How are charge and gravity related? What gives rise to the fundamental unit of energy? And especially, information pills what is space?

Our attempt to answer these questions evolved into conversations that continued for more than a decade. Quantum Wave Theory is an artwork, a prose poem, that is the result of that collaboration. The theory attempts to unify energy, mass and force as manifestations of a single entity. We refer to that entity as space.

Amy Robinson and John Holland

View: Quantum Wave Theory


Curious, an Introduction to Big Ideas in Nature, Science, and Art

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The new online project, sildenafil Curious, here An Introduction to Big Ideas in Nature, here Science and Art is an effort to introduce leading-edge ideas in science to a general audience. It is particularly aimed at those who want real answers to serious questions that they have inquired about since childhood, and are often not addressed at home or at school. Much of the reason that these answers aren’t available in primary and secondary classrooms is that some of the most intriguing and even astounding information has only been available within the last 25 years.

Subjects which traditionally have been thought of as largely abstract and unsuited for analysis such as music, love, life, sex, and death suddenly have new and profound meaning in light of late 20th and 21st century discoveries in evolutionary biology, brain science, and genetics. In short, we are undergoing a major revolution in the sciences, and it is having a large impact on our understanding of who we are and how we see ourselves and others.

Go to:  Curious, An Introduction to Big Ideas in Nature, Science, and Art

John Holland

Our friend – NATHALIE MIEBACH – once again in the news!

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Science to Art, order and Vice Versa – Prototype –

The Sea Within Us

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Atlantic Ocean at Chatham, MA

‘What do you love about the ocean?’     ‘There is some kind of music that lives there’ — late-stage Alzheimer’s patient

The ocean is Nature’s artwork. It provides us with a full sensory experience in 3D, total surround sound, and a varied array of olfactory and tactile delights.

When we compare the experience of reading literature and poetry, listening to great music, visiting a museum, going to the theatre, opera, or ballet with the effect that the ocean has upon us, the similarities are striking.

The ocean awakens and keeps alive in us the sublime order and elegance of Nature. The profound experience it brings resonates with us, because we too are Nature.

John Holland

View Text: The Sea Within Us

Nathalie Miebach, N/I friend, is TED Fellow!

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Nathalie Miebach, viagra 40mg Boston based artist, health and longtime friend of the Nature and Inquiry artist group, abortion uses weather data to create sculptures and music.

Check out all the Fellows – TEDGlobal 2011 Fellows.

Congratulations Nathalie!

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